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It also destroys their local economies because farmers have no incentive to raise agricultural products. They can't compete with free. Cut that shit out.


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Not just farmers, laborers cant find work since you'll have Western missionaries go there and build facilities for free.

In the interest of good will, we've kicked the feet out from under the economy of these countries; rendering two of the most basic jobs and all their supporting jobs as unnecessary.


[–] Sandmich 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago 

True that. Also, I heard that our dumpsters full of clothes that we send there killed off what fabric industry they had going. It's like unfair free trade to the nth degree.


[–] HappyMealBullshit 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Oh yeah it mushrooms out in so many ways. When farmers don't raise crops, then retailers don't have any food to sell. So you get empty stores that can't pay rent, so they get evicted. Then landlords can't pay their mortgages so they go belly up. So you get vacant properties that turn into slums and shitholes. All this because we want to send boatloads of free food and pat ourselves on the back while accumulating social justice warrior brownie points.

Economies have to form naturally, you can't shoehorn them into existence just because you want to help the brown skinned people.


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this is very simple, goats:

don't feed the fucking birds

when you feed birds in your back yard consistently, they invariably will become dependent on that food source.

when they become dependent on a seemingly infinite centralized source of food, their population will invariable boom, as in massively increase to sizes far greater than their natural food sources could ever hope to provide.

then, after a year or two - - for science - - stop feeding the birds.

what happens next? the population will (mostly if not all) starve to death.

TLDR: either we've been ignorantly feeding the birds, or for the past century have been setting africa up for a most epic wipe out of their population.


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Just call them niggers.


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Ya, you cant base you predictions on that model unfortunately. Humans are not subject to natures rules like that now that we live in a modern society built on morals. When people see all the fucking destruction and starvation, they are going to freak out, demand that they be helped in every possible way. We already know that will happen, because that is what has been happening since the 60s. That's the whole reason their population stands where it is today. Over technology and resources they had no part in securing.

The only way their population gets wiped out is if we consciously let it get wiped out. And to do that, we have to isolate ourselves completely.

Unless you can convince everyone completely that they must be left to their own devices (you simply won't, too many libshits). And you have to convince everyone to not be complicit in it. The only way they go through population collapse is if the modern civilization falls first. At which point they will probably starting wandering the globe on foot. NIGGERPOCALYPSE IS COMING!!!!


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So what you are saying is that we poison the food ? Kill the populace, and BAM ! No more need to send food. Or at a minimum sterilize the entire populace


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No, think easier, and moral. We just stop giving them shit.


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