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Wow, promoting whoredom and coalburning in one shot, I can just imagine (((who))) thought this up.


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I had to look it up.

Nanobit games

Nanobit is a company specialized in developing and delivering mobile games

We live by our motto "Crafting bits of fun" and are proud to say that we are one of the leading Croatian tech companies, with continuous strong growth and a clear focus on excellent working conditions.

Two very ambitious and creative programmers started the company in 2008 and today the team consists of more than 100 experts of various backgrounds, all dedicated to one goal – the development of the high-quality, super-fun games! The headquarters are in Zagreb, Croatia with two branch offices in Budapest and Bucharest. One of the business aspects that make us unique is the exclusive delivery of our products to the international market and 100% of our revenue is achieved through exporting. We believe in personal responsibility, work-life balance and playing to the strengths of our team members.

Over 2,5 million happy customers use our products on a monthly basis and our games and apps have been downloaded over 55 million times, creating an active and vibrant community of users.

Our products have also garnered attention from the likes of The New York Times, Harvard Health and the Guardian, as well as being regularly singled out in App Store’s cover in addition to being recommended by Apple.

We have been recognized by Google as Top Developer and our games have been featured on Google Play.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to scan through our current vacancies and see if you have the right stuff to join our team!

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“We believe in personal responsibility”


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> Croatia

Well that was unexpected.


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I couldn't find any background info about the owners or game developers in the company at all.

Maybe they are just cucks though.


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I love how the assumption is that she is fucking all three, and is literally so degenerate she doesn't know which one got her pregnant. So a mother-to-be who is fucking three separate men.

Peak mobile degeneracy, haha.

Honestly, this really is pathetic.


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Well, if it's the boss, she's gonna know shortly after popping it out

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That sounds more like a man's personal story of how he became sex crazed from years of brainwashing himself with a lifetime spent in front of internet porn.