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Some ancient Jews did worship Satan

I see nothing wrong with that, sorry. Worship whatever you want, they are all imaginary. Some people blamed for worshiping Satan, like Yazdanis, are pretty cool, nice and peaceful folk.

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Satan was an angel (AN ANGEL!) thrown out of the corporate structure for having dignity and independent opinion. Later portrayed by the PR department as a bloodthirsty lunatic. The PR department of the corporation, let us not forget that, famous for setting up mass murders, famines, floods etc. Keen for genocide, you know. So must be taken with a bit of salt, probably.

"Worshiping Satan" has been seen to take so mane shapes and sizes, that now it is just another catchphrase. Even if someone "worships Satan", like Yazdanis are told to, it does not mean he is either mean or bloodthirsty.

On the other side - it does not need one to be worshiping Satan to be evil. Just look at the Communists, preaching for the Paradise on earth and murdering people by their millions at the same time.

It's bullshit.