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So here it goes.. it's an easy one to trick lefty's with.. tell them there are more black football and basketball players in the nba and NFL because they have a stronger work ethic then whites? They might take the bait and say no they are genetically more athletic... if they say this then say ok are there more violent black criminals then whites??? Boom they will some how say well that's not genetic its because of white oppression... so wait you are saying that these oppressed people have some how over came all these obstacles to get basically most American males dream job but it is genetics, yet the easiest thing in the world is to stay out of jail in America yet the insane amount of black criminality has no genetic component.. and a side note. I played college basketball.. I coached proffesionaly in a small league for 2 summer's the blacks were 90 plus percent of the time lazy as fuck.. they just genetically could run and jump faster it is that simple.