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I've noticed this last claim of yours in my own life. I would love to see what research you have on this matter if you have any links at hand.

I've tested reliably at 135 to 145 on multiple paid for tests including Mensa. I am relatively certain of the veracity of those tests. I am also smack dab in the middle with those scores between the common man and the extremely intelligent of 150+ IQ ranges. I can understand much of what those extreme geniuses have to say, but not all, and usually I need it interpreted through a filter of sorts, like somebody who is a 160 IQ interpreting what the 190 IQ genius has to say, parsing it down to my level. I have always done the same for those who stand relatively close to me, the 120's or s, if they had the disposition to listen.

But the average of 100 IQ is basically beyond communicating to about the issues that I consider the most basic principles of Science and Philosophical debate. I have tested this extensively in my own life and documented the results. I've even had people take IQ tests, the free versions, or asked their results if they knew them in order to get an idea of what I was contending with in order to make this theory of mine more concrete in my mind. Its definitely been my anecdotal experience that this is certainly the case. Specifically I have noticed that in order for their minds to understand certain concepts, that the full complexity of that concept has to be compressed in such a lossy algorithm into such a blurry caricature as to actually be incomplete and false.


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Notice the downvoats on you and I when merely mentioning the topic you are discussing.

I call it the : "La La La Laaaaaa"-fingers-in-both-ears effect

Your downvoat is due to a primate response of jealousy. Misplaced jealousy but observed in any grade school.

For example, higher IQ people are hated by the others and given pejorative names such as :






So not only are you incapable of conversing, you are fighting IQ hatred (envy, jealousy)

As for papers, search for the ones that notice the pronounced effect at IQ deviations of merely 15 points, let alone your 45 point attempt to bridge the chasm

In "The Bell Curve" it was noticed that high IQ friends typically had 6 high IQ friends, and if friends were mathematically happenstance it would be million to one odds that such a group pairing would exist, but yet its universal.

Basically either lower IQ people shun high IQ, or High IQ cant converse with lower IQ. Either way the effect is real. All high IQ people know low IQ and even retarded people, I am merely stating that they have about 6 high IQ associates they mingle with.