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I disagree. There very much was a plan to exterminate jews not by germans but Zionists. Newspaper articles following the Balfour Declaration talk about the "complete extermination" of 6 million jews in Europe nearly two decades before WW2 even began or Hitler was even in the picture.

How could anyone possibly know about the outcome of the supposed "holocaust" decades before it even happened unless it was premeditated? They needed jews to die to justify the Greater Israel Project. The 6 million figure it utter bullshit, but there was jews that did die. Provided more than 2 died in WW2, jews most certainly did die.

What jews need to wake up & realize is The jewish leadership in Europe let jews die. They wanted it to happen to justify their cause. They were sacrificed like cattle & they will do it again. They don't give a damn about jews or goyim.


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lying is “a plan”



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Explain how the exact supposed death toll of the "holocaust" was predicted 2 decades before WWII began & Hitler was even in power? There is no fucking way it wasn't premeditated. Especially when you consider the Balfour Declaration years earlier. TPTB did everything in their power to make sure the creation of Israel happened. They needed a reason to justify it to the international community & the holohaux did precisely that.