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Reading required. READING OF THE ENTIRE LINK(posted in title, pls view in 'desktop mode') REQUIRED BEFORE POSTING.
Edomites are not jews, yet edomites cause all troubles.

THE EDOMITES ARE THE COMMUNISTS. They were cursed by god because for reasons stated in link provided. But jesus died for ALL. Including them. It's up to them what happens to their souls.

Now they rule the world?

...exerpts from here

Nimrod (HAM’S descendant) was the first tyrant or king over Babylon, the first one after the Flood to establish a “kingdom” and that Kingdom was the first ‘spirit’ of the N.W.O. (Gen.10:9-10). According to the book of Jasher, Esau actually is the one who killed Nimrod and “fought a desperate fight,” with two of his aides and killed them, and then fled with Nimrod’s garments. Did his garments hold some occult power, and did Edom know that? ‘Nimrod’ means “rebellion” or “he rebelled,” from the Hebrew word ‘marad’. When he killed Nimrod, and took his garments, Esau usurped the spiritual essence of the N.W.O. and that of Nimrod and his Babylonian rule, and became a son of Cain through marriage and usurpation. Edom is a USURPER! Also note, what people is it mostly, that have gained control of our Foreign AND Domestic Policies, and have turned the world against us, and made us Modern BABYLON?

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I like the cut of your jib, but they claim to be Jews, and most importantly ARE TREATED AS AND PROTECTED BY JEWS.

Personally I believe our enemy is what Jesus called the "Synagogue of Satan", the false Jews like you say, and the Jews as a whole have been deceived into supporting them. I can't wait for the return of Jesus and the deception falling away from the true Jews and them turning on the bastards who have sullied their name and abused their support for thousands of years.