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Do you have any more information about the penalty being lowered?


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Prop. 47 was a statewide initiative passed in November that reduced many nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors

It was prop 47 that did it, which is what I was referring to, but apparently only SF is being hit really hard (maybe because degenerates like to congregate there? Who woulda thunk?)

After Prop. 47 was passed by voters, and 2,700 inmates were released from California’s prisons when their felonies for property and drug crimes were reduced to misdemeanors, auto burglaries shot up in San Francisco.

And this one

The epidemic has been getting worse for years. Back in 2006, when there were 10,000 fewer break-ins per year, police, prosecutors, and then-Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office felt that 41 such burglaries a day was enough to justify a crackdown.

Locals arguably have it even worse. They can’t park at night without worrying that their windows will be busted a second or third or fourth time. For the very rich, the repair job is pocket change. For everyone else, it’s a significant surprise expense.

The police particularly dislike Proposition 47, “a ballot initiative passed into law in November 2014 that reduced six nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors.” But that was a statewide measure, while the smash-and-grab epidemic is local and predates 2015. What’s more, Gascón says that he still charges car break-ins as felonies.

edit: TBH I think it's a mix of Prop 47 and the people who live here.

Prop 47 is the result of people voting here who are sympathetic to criminals who did "minor crimes" (bleeding heart liberals and relatives that want their family members out), and the break ins are the result of criminals who either come here or commit crime here because the people around them are sympathetic to them.

It really comes down to sociology, mainly sociology 101 ( I took sociology in college as a required class for GE and I took it from some UC Berkeley faggot professor, at the time I thought it was really interesting so I focused an got an A, I had no idea down the line it would help me in fighting their BS) which says that when people are poor they commit more crime to get "what they need", so people assume that since people are poor they will commit crimes (crimes of necessity) and they vote to lower the penalty while at the same time fostering a society that allows it because they equate those types of crimes to poor people and poor people are just good people that need to help themselves (the bitch of it is, the people who commit crimes aren't usually the "poor people" they are taught about in sociology)

Making sociology a required class for undergrads is a great way to indoctrinate the masses before they get older and wise up.


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A number of years ago, friends there told me the cops went on tv and announced they would no longer inverpstigate auto theft or break ins due to manpower. Overnight car theft and break ins went ballistic, even if you call as someone is doing it, they will only issue a repor numbe for your insurance.

Shit. Hole.