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But they deliberately ignore what happens to black people when the whites are gone...Zimbabwe... Liberia... Uganda... South Africa... Somalia etc. Corruption, Infighting, Lack of functional government, Grossly lowered GDP, Higher imports, Inflation, Violent Crimes soar, Decreased Tourism, Civil Unrest, Civil War, Can't maintain order/lawful society/infrastructure, Famine, Pestilence, all the good stuff that the whites have been keeping at bay. Sound familiar? Then they regress back to their natural state, the primitive stone age. Then the fucking UN pleads to all the 1st world white countries for help, foreign aid happens and then it allows population to increase again and prolongs the insanity, while the corrupt leaders continue to steal the aid money and retire to Europe or the Caribbean.

But you know, kill whitey right.


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Those things are just black culture. Stop trying to enforce white cultural norms, like eating, medicine and civilisation, on the noble negro practicing the culture his forefathers handed down to him.