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The only mistake he made was running out of time


[–] chrisman01 15 points 8 points (+23|-15) ago 

Nah he was an idiot.

He mandated the military dump resources into advanced weaponry such as jets, advanced tanks, infantry weapons had to be perfect, etc.

If the Germans had used the American and Russian tactics of "just slap together what works and quality check it" instead of wasting Germany's resources, they would have lasted much longer.

However when the Axis pissed off the US they signed their death warrant.

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[–] ForgotMyGoat 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Did he? From what I recall the military basically had to develop new weapons behind Hitlers back since he thought it was a waste. I'm thinking specifically of the sturmgewehr.

Advanced tanks

Which ones? None of the more famous heavy tanks were used all that much, the simpler designs were massproduced and contributed more than the king tigers or whatever other example there is of "advanced tanks".

I'll cautiously agree that he was taking part in the planning of the war too much, but what I can't square what you're saying with the historical record.

Lastly, the US was itching for a fight, and was waging economical war, and a proxy war with the axis powers already. Look up the "Flying Tigers", and keep in mind that Japan was fully aware of what the US was doing.


[–] CharlesVI 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago 

Also attacked into a Russian winter.


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They didn't have the resources to do that. It was a top priority to best utilize what they had.


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he also didnt even try to eradicate them. the whole holocaust was fiction.


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He didn't run out time, he ran out of oil.


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He invaded too many countries and failed to unite them afterwards into some kind of stable Germanic union. It is Machiavelli 101 to either crush (genocide) your enemies or to treat them well after subjugating them.

Invading Russia instead of crushing the UK first was also a giant blunder.