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"Naw, bro, alphabay is totally safe. It isn't run by idiots like Silk Road and Silk Road 2.0........ Oh shit, brb, gotta find a new darknet market"


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the march vendor list: Acadica Kratom 250 0.10 Green JongKong: C,F,L,S,Z: LOW Enhanciosa 250 0.11 MD Jong Kong: S,X,Z: Herbal-RVA 250 0.11 Red Ketapang: L,Z: Kratomind USA 250 0.11 Green Borneo: L,X,Z,S+: Mystic Island 250 0.11 Green Elephant:

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B,S,X,Z: Treasure House Botanicals 250 0.11 Modern Green MD: A,C,F: NR Botanical Bunny 250 0.12 Wild Green: L,Z,S+ NEW Canopy Botanicals 250 0.12 Red Sumatra: B,L,X,Z: Caleb's Concentrates 250 0.12 Red Maeng Da:

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C,S,X,Z: Centennial Harvest 250 0.12 Green Sumatra:


S,Z: NEW Fresh Alternative 250 0.12 Red Maeng Da: F,O,S,Z: Gaia Ethnobotanical 250 0.12 Red Dragon: B,C,S,X: Gothic Kratom 250 0.12 Red Bali:

Gothic Kratom

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A,S,X: NR Kraydo Organics 250 0.12 GMD Matcha:


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X,Z,S+: Mitragation Solutions 250 0.12 Gold Bali:

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X: Mystic Gypsy Apothecary 250 0.12 Super Green: B,S: Okie Kratom 250 0.12 Green Papua: B,F,X,Z,S+ Precious Mitre 250 0.12 Green Malay:

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B,Z: Socal Herbal Remedies 250 0.12 Red Hulu Kapuas:

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All Strains

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F= Free Shipping! A= Added. A vendor recently Added to this List. C= Capsules, vendor offers Capsule kratom products. L= Crushed Leaf, vendor offers Crushed Leaf kratom products. O= Other Herbs, or variety botanical products such as CBD oils available. S= Sample Packs, vendor offers low price Sampler product with many strains. X= Extracts, vendor offers kratom Extract, herbal Tincture, or Enhanced Leaf. Z= Split Kilos, vendor offers a discount for 1000 gram


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Keep an eye out for a revival of subs like v/OpiateRollCall