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I don't really like the fight between the /v/realProtectVoat and @Crensch, and I don't really care about /v/sbbh subverse. But I do know @Crensch and PG mod @Vindicator cite their sources, and they are very good spotting infiltrators. I very much appreciate their work!

I also do know that there are nice /v/sbbh users. When Putt was porting the new codebase, very small number of users offered to help(MYG was even shitposting/spamming on bug reports a number of times. Similar users were even shitting on Putt's announcements). For example, @Nadesh doesn't know much about testing on and she has kids to take care of. But she learned and she stuck with us throughout all 4 phases of testing.

It's no secret that SBBH and PG mods brigade just as much, if not more than the neofanboy team.

Do you have the sources to back up that claim? If you do, maybe you could put together a similar submission, such as this one, for everyone to discuss.


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Get one other person to agree with you and Crensch, and I'll spend a little bit of time on you if you really want.

See what happens when we play nice? We can have a civil discussion.