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Have you considered that pizzagate (the thing, not the sub) is a hoax

What are you, the New York Times?

I've been a mod there for over a year, read the vast majority of every post that has come through. There is a mountain of evidence that the elite use child sex abuse to consolidate their power, trafficking kids from Haiti, the U.S. foster care system and numerous other places. There is also evidence CP was found on the Comet Ping Pong server, was reported to DC Metro Police, and they refused to investigate. Shortly afterward, a second hacker reported a similar story which Infowars failed to fully vet and got themselves sideways with Alefantis' lawyers. This little psyop effectively made the first guy's story untouchable by the media who were afraid to be sued. We've documented it all.

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I can certainly respect that. We work pretty hard to get people to source every claim. It's one of our submission rules.


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And yet you show people how to make their posts not get deleted, endorse other retards who promote the same thing, then change the fucking rules to promote discord.

Good mother of fuck, read the words you type.


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Not really clear what you are referring to. Our rules are complex; of course I show people how to meet them. Retards who promote what thing? And when did I ever change the rules, let alone promote discord?