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[–] Vindicator [S] 19 points 1 points (+20|-19) ago 

That hasn't been my experience. They have been very helpful when we were being flooded with hentai, when our users were freaking out over disinfo shitposts, and when we had a sex offender we doxxed spamming the board with dozens of alts every week.


[–] Chiefpacman 11 points 10 points (+21|-11) ago 

They enforce groupthink, they participate in downvoat brigaides. They try to control voat, and make new users think they’re doing good things.

I wouldn’t take what they say as fact. I looked at your comments and can see they encouraged you to make this post. They love ‘good’ press.

I have nothing against pizzagate users; we all like you guys well enough. Working with/ being manipulated by sbbh is not going to help your cause. Like I said; you might have a point to what you’re saying- but I lost interest when I saw those names. They’re as bad or worse than rPV and gang.