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The same tactics are used all over the web. They want us divided. They want us fighting each other. They want us ignorant. They want us weak.

People pulling together as a community is what they fear the most.


[–] freshmeat 18 points 9 points (+27|-18) ago 

im not what this post claims to be. Ignore the numbers and consider the content of what im saying


[–] Crensch 12 points -1 points (+11|-12) ago 

"Ignore the well-sourced facts and listen to my words, goy!"

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[–] Its_ok_to_be_white 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

Haven't you noticed the arrests? Trump is in full pedo-hunting mode.


[–] Vindicator [S] 5 points 4 points (+9|-5) ago 

I know for goddamn sure that someone would have come forward or the actual police would give credit to these so called investigations.

Well, I know of two people who tried to come forward and were crushed. The guy I mentioned in the OP who was allegedly raped by Alefantis, which resulted in his mother (Alefantis' biz partner) leaving not just the restaurant, but I believe the country if I recall correctly (several years before the election). Helping vet him so he could tell his story got one of our mods doxxed, threatened and run off of Voat completely and resulted in her reporting online death threats to her local police.

There was the case of the guy Alefantis called and threatened, mentioned in the OP. He filed a police report in Galveston, which of course has no jurisdiction over crimes committed by someone in DC.

And there was also the guy, @trebillion on Twitter, who went to the DC police to report what he'd found on the Comet server instead of talking about it on social media, long before the fake CP "menu" hacker popped up, or the shooter supposedly trying to "save kids" conveniently fired shots through a locked door into the hardrive of the computer. After seeing this video, I contacted him privately on Twitter to ask a bunch of questions. I find him convincing.

So, yes, people have come forward. Every single one who has, has experienced threats, harassment and public discrediting.

I would say that the reaction of the DC Police -- slow roll trebillion's request for an investigation, send the police chief to the Stand with Comet Pizza fundraiser for a photo op, turn the traffic cameras away from the front of the store just in time for the shooter -- actually DOES show the "police giving credit" to these investigations. The evidence of all of this is in the v/pizzagate archives.

Do you honestly believe the DC police are not in on the corruption?


[–] Vindicator [S] 10 points 0 points (+10|-10) ago 

People pulling together as a community is what they fear the most.

That is what has been happening in Pizzagate and GreatAwakening. People have survived the divisive attacks and come together as a community -- not just here, but also on Twitter and in some cases IRL. It wasn't until that really happened over the past month that freshmeat showed up in our threads (under that alt). That made me curious, so I started looking into the similarities between him and our previous disinfo scourge and was quite surprised at what I found.

People had to file police reports. It was no joke.