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The same tactics are used all over the web. They want us divided. They want us fighting each other. They want us ignorant. They want us weak.

People pulling together as a community is what they fear the most.


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im not what this post claims to be. Ignore the numbers and consider the content of what im saying

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People pulling together as a community is what they fear the most.

That is what has been happening in Pizzagate and GreatAwakening. People have survived the divisive attacks and come together as a community -- not just here, but also on Twitter and in some cases IRL. It wasn't until that really happened over the past month that freshmeat showed up in our threads (under that alt). That made me curious, so I started looking into the similarities between him and our previous disinfo scourge and was quite surprised at what I found.

People had to file police reports. It was no joke.


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Yeah, Pizzagate was sloppily run. The other subs split off because the censorship was heavy.

Edit: These downvoats aren't genuine.


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I actually have documented evidence of the mod team not only supporting infiltrating the sub, but circumventing rules for the sub that were "voted for by the community."

I've seen the cycle before: appoint your group to moderation/maintenance, advertise methods for circumventing rules, change rules, split off after division is sewn.

It's easy to spot. The retards don't think they'll notice, but all they need is someone to step in and point them in the right direction.