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I'd be happy to talk guns with you, It is not that expensive to make a decent purchase (600 ish) I support Gun Owners of America over the NRA.

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I'd never heard of them, but it seems the GOA is what the NRA pretends to be.


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I just got my membership to GOA in the mail. I wanted to protest against antigun fanatics, but I already had a lifetime membership to the NRA.

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GOA is way better than the NRA.

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NRA named the (((European Style Socialists))) unlike GOA.

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Speaking frankly and honestly is always a plus. However I can not stand the compromise stance they constantly take allowing for the slow erosion of rights. The bump stock ban that has spiraled into the semi auto ban is a good example.

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There is not awesome organization for gun owners, but GOA is better than NRA.

Better to save your money and buy a good gun.

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NRA, Wikileaks, Mises Institute, Rand Paul.

Also defense distributed if you want to fund the long game.

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No. The NRA capitulate on everything, they do not care about your right to bear arms, and they will gladly throw you under the bus for money. They went limp on the 1994 AWB, they went limp on bumpstocks, and they will falter again. The fact is, they don't care about the liberal frog boiling method of "just let me ban this one thing, it's common sense!". They don't think that their weak-willed capitulation will add up to an eventual erosion of the second amendment. They think that if they give the libshit their breadcrumb, that they won't come back for more, and that's why we're in this mess at all. Hate to say it, but the NRA are the fucking problem, and they don't really stand for your rights.

Join the USCCA or something. Stop giving the NRA money. You are rewarding cowardice and incompetence every time you do.

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Capitulate my ass. The NRA has been taken over and called for a bump stock ban before most liberal NPOs

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I don't own a gun yet, but when they start importing niggers and sand niggers by the hundreds into my community (NOT SURE HOW OR WHY THE FUCK THIS IS HAPPENING, I SURE AS SHIT DIDN'T VOTE FOR IT OR WAS EVEN ASKED FOR THIS. WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY EVEN COMING FROM!?) and plan on arming myself to the teeth.

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Your first priority should be to buy a gun before donating to any organization. Stock up on ammo and practice, practice, practice.

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Learn to shoot, care for your weapon, reload ammunition, and gun laws. The fastest way to disarm us is to confuse us with shitty laws that we unwittingly break and end up revoking our rights!

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Freedom isn't free, it comes at the highest of costs, the cost of blood and eternal vigilance. A man alone in this world is nothing, you need white unity focused on white survival or you are all a bunch of chickens with your head cut off.

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“You all”? Take some ownership. Where we go one, we go all. Even to the grave.

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Charity should begin and end at home, never in bureaucracies.

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Help a niece or nephew by taking him to the range and teaching proper firearm handling.

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Please, do donate to whatever cause you believe in.

I don't give charity to wealthy politicians though. These charities skim, they play politics, and often they lie. When I give charity, it always goes directly to the person that needs something, and never, ever in the form of money.

How about helping your community, or buying a gun, or just saving your money?

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