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The smarter people among us are leading us into the future and pioneering new technology and advances. But the massive amount of stupid people are holding everyone back and constantly trying to drag us down to their level.

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It has to do with single motherhood. There is a pdf around somewhere that explains it.

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People act as if history ended when they began and they're immune to dramatic changes in circumstance. They think they're far more intelligent and worldly than their ancestors.

It's almost like starting an MMO at the max level, with all the quests already completed. They have the arrogance that comes with being lvl 99 or w/e but don't know wtf they're doing.

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because the humans doing one thing arent the same as the humans doing the other.

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Technology is a product of cooperation. Leaning from and admitting mistakes is a product of intelligence and wisdom. We have the cooperation in abundance, but intelligence and wisdom are outlying qualities in the population.