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Swedish media is subsidized by the government. 80% is controlled by one family. After raising this problem in Swedish Parliament, Anna Hagwall MP had to step down from her position in the Islamo-Femi-Fascist regime, (EDIT: Anna is in the opposition party, not the ruling regime) following a huge attack on the MP by the controlled media.

Hagwall will unfortunately not be standing for re-election in 2018, at the request of the regime.

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This explains quite a lot about Sweden actually. Unreal.

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Hitler did nothing wrong.

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Are you saying starting a war with russians close to winter was a good idea? Before he knew if brits and US would get really involved or not? Because that seems to me like something he did wrong.

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well, he was right about the jews subverting western culture

he was a disaster in many many other ways

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Sweden - Switzerland neutral during WW2.

Both close their borders to avoid the "jewification and foreignisation of their countries".

1941: Sweden finally open their borders to jews refugees out of pity, humanity and compassion.

end 1943-1944- Switzerland moderately open their borders to some jews.

Now, compare 2018's Switzerland and Sweden.


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I kinda want to open my own news corporation.

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really? this is crazy

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And now we know the source of the hate for PewDiePie.

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3 downvoats? Apparently the ADL doesn't like you talking about facts. And, yes, the jews have destroyed Sweden through NGOs and taking over every important industry.

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Yep. Barbra Spectre, family and friends then used Sweden as a testing ground for the Kalergi Plan. Then they pushed it all over Europe. Its what we're seeing now. Barbra and her jew family and friends live in gated jew communities in peace.

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