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I've said it before. They care more about narrative than human life.


I'm going to start saying this. Being right brained gives you a sense of being more empathic than others but it's a false self-concept. Being right brained gives one a greater ability to filter out things they don't like and when people have different opinions they chalk it up as a difference in values rather than understanding. They think they have supremacy on empathy but it's the lie they tell themselves as part of their greater self protective pathology.

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They didn't even get the fucking joke.......they legit thought Norm was being serious. Sad, sad times.

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A little out of the loop. What's the backstory?

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After the Parkland shooting, the more articulate drama club kids got put on the media circuit to push gun control. They are always photographed having a good time, because they dont give a fuck about the kids that died. They get to soak up attention and go on free vacations. Its disgusting .

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5 days after the shooting, "Crisis actors and production team take a group selfie just before they have to go out and tell their heartwrenching stories on TV." https://twitter.com/HodlBtcoin/status/965653194985664512

The black woman grinning in front of the camera was a CNN propagandist "journalist" or something.

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upvoated because I'm also out the loop

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The top picture was one of the greatest days of my life

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There's got to be some kind of mental illness that explains this. It's got some scary implications at the levels of 'suggestion' that's being wielded upon the masses.

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Those kids didn't see their friends die. They didn't have any friends.

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Liberals also has the most creepy ass smiles. look at the bitch on the bottom corner. O_O Gotta kill dem whites

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Dupers delight?

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You wrong for that!

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Always about the feelz, never about the reelz. If one trys to make any sense about what liberal progressive retards do, they'd go out of their mind.

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