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the car is coexisting right now. I don't see the problem.

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Everything is now worthless and dirty, useless and black. Yay Diversity.

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The problem here is that leftist utopia is nothing but a child's dream.

There is no way for everyone with very different culture and beliefs and habits to coexist peacefully without any side being the "victim."

Of course if you have similar culture, socioeconomic status, and IQ level you can coexist to some extent, but bringing third worlders into first world will always be a disaster.

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Is that a Prius? Oh gawd let it be a Prius

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So the fire burns off the sticker and it leaves an impression under? yeah, no.

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now THAT is a spicy may-may

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Related. This is funny. This guy can barely contain himself.

German Feminist Changes Tune, Abandons Her Own Country! Flees to migrant free Poland: