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Why not you?

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Because it would require ambition and proactivity. Something not too prevalent in the conservative population at the moment. We work our asses off, care for our families and enjoy our leisure time. But when it comes to the growing threat of the left and the jewish control of our institutions we sit on our hands waiting.

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Its my standard comment to any post or comment I see like this. Sometimes you just have to make a ripple it becomes a wave.

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Could be a quarterly publication. Pretty simple to do.

  1. Just have people submit potential articles, they dont even have to be the author.

  2. Editor chooses which articles go into mag/or put it up for a voat.

  3. Get permission from authors/have them rewrite fresh articles.

  4. Donate crypto currency.

  5. Print.

  6. Distribute.

Rinse and repeat every quarter. This plan took no thought. The powerful thing is when the person doing it cares about the project.

If you don’t do it I might.

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@TheodoreKent, you still out there? You guys would do an awesome job at this.

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I'm still here!

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Member for 7 days... what took you so long, buddy? Where you been?

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Just nuked my old account. I nuke my account every so often so I am forced to put some effort into my posts, for a period of time anyways.

I think it was worthwhile considering this was my second contibution and it really got me thinking.

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Please do.

One thing I was thinking about is that they would be printed with covers that look like legitimate magazines and/or actually use covers from other magazines. So, for example, I could order one with the exact cover from Time, then I could swap out the Time magazine for the real magazine. Even make it look like Time (or whatever) inside, the only difference is that the articles would be red pills. I know using trickery and deceit is a Jew trait, but I think it's time we fight fire with fire.

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I can edit, proofread, and write opinion pieces. If any of those skills would be useful to such a project, lemme know. ♡

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Woman or faggot?

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Go after all the fascist, race-baiting fucktards in the news and media organizations. The stuff these people have been pulling off in the media has alarmed people. Also, all the pedophiles, rapists, pimps and murderers they protect and even promote. I agree with the topics above as well.

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If we could crowd source funding, find a reliable anti sjw printer and competent people to do the write ups, I would get behind this 100%. This is some project mayhem shit right here.

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The tech required to do this is so cheap that it should be relatively easy to find a reliable printer/disttibutor.

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The butt hurts jews would head that shit off at the pass

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How? Are they going to arrest me for leaving a magazine buried along with other magazines at a business. Can't think of a single law this would be breaking besides Jewish law, which is, "do as we say, not as we do."

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You know how they are. They'd do a terrorist attack and the gunman would have your magazine in his back pocket.

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A glossy insert - that falls out - can be put in any magazine.

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That is a good idea.

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There is one, called Culture Wars, but it may be a little too high brow for some.

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