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Stefan Molyneux insinuated that white men allowing white women to vote was the destroyer of the west. For the white west to survive it will have to take away women’s right to vote.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed many modern day white men are effeminate and kowtow to women. This essentially means there are no men guarding the tribe.

Whites will have to throw off the cuck religion of Christianity and go back to a mostly meat diet so their hormones work normally again. All carb diets essentially turn men into women.

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Christianity, huh? If kikes are against christianity, then i'm for it.

Checkmate, yid.

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Jews hate Christianity, but they don’t fear it

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The biggest supporters of Israel are Christians.

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You may be for Christianity, but is Christianity for you?

Bible says do not hate and do not kill, jews and niggers are gods creation too.

Bible says all may convert and share a church with you, niggers jews and muslims too.

So how can one be a white separatist and a Christian too? Pro tip:


Bible says forgiveness is possible for all who repent, Rothschild, Soros, Clintons too, all deserving of salvation.

Bible says don't touch kids pepes, but nowhere has there been more pedo scandals than in the head of church.



Pedos can repent too?

Christianity is fundamentally flawed because it is expressionistic, it wishes to convert anyone, while the core of our problem is associating with non-whites at all. It is also fundamentally flawed because it offers compassion and forgiveness for degenerates and destroyers, while the very core of our problems stem from empathy and lack of ruthlessness towards degenerates and outsiders.

@Trash_Panda @Tallest_Skil

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Christianity was an invention by Jews meant to instill subordination. That's why Christianity teaches to hold out the other cheek instead of retaliation. https://my.mixtape.moe/keaeta.png

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Holy shit, sanity on Voat. I thought everyone here was a Christ-cuck.

Get tf over your fake religion, open your eyes, fix the world.

We need science, we need masculinity, we need tribalism.

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Amen (no pun intended) this is why Heathenism has been attractive to me lately. Jesus says turn the other cheek. Thor says annihilate anyone who brings harm to you.

Which one of those two attitudes do you think will save the West?

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You’ll want to go back to sucking yiddish cock on some other website, paid shill. Way to out yourself.

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The real cause of the problem is to let refugees be here "temporaily" but when peace has fallen upon their homeland THEY WONT GO HOME. They dont have to go home, they just can stay HERE:

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It’s mostly women holding up the “welcome refugees” signs and voting for the democrat open borders party.

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I'll tell you why that will never work. Once you get a significant population from the "home country" here in the US, they will agitate to keep the refugees from their old country.

But they aren't satisfied with that. I was talking to an arab guy today. He was complaining that the US wasn't letting 10,000 measly Syrian refugees in. The way he saw it, since the US started the Iraq war, and that caused the refugee crisis, the US ought to let them in.

The point isn't whether he was right or wrong. The point is that he was from that area - so he was sympathetic to the old country and wanted to help out his people from over there.

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They are simply being (((sent))) because women are attracted to dominant men. And we are running out of those.


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You really think Christianity is responsible for the moral decay of western society over the past 100 years?

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Well I mean not even 10 years ago it was priests raping kids all over the place until muslims took the crown.

Do Christians really need religion to not be a cunt and have morals?

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And who instigated those laws?

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White gentile men allowing women to vote.

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White gentile harboring progressive ideology self-destructing themselves.

Every "progress" past the pre-universal suffrage era has been a mistake.

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It twas the Russian Jesuits!!! oy vey

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Then it's a good thing they were all murdered in the Jewish Communist takeover!

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We have a lot of fuckin stupid traitor bastards in our race but its jews behind the anti-white bullshit. They want us gone.

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Don't forget the scourge of opioids. Hard to argue that anything has ruined more white lives than that.

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Jewish TV has ruined more than drugs ever could,.

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Oxycotin, engineered to be crushed up and snorted for a stronger more addictive high, brought to you by the kikes.

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They unleashed it on the people of Appalachia so they could thieve the land (((coal & gas companies)))

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I've taken Oxy a total of 2 times in my life. I regret taking part in the industry (by being a customer) to what's clearly not helping whites. I cannot see how anyone could let themselves get addicted to the drug. Do these people refuse to accept any responsibilities and expect to be lifeless amoebas who do nothing but be drugged out all the time?

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What if patriarchy was rare historically, but it was really fucking successful and that's why it looks like history is nothing but patriarchy. All the non-patriarchal societies died off. The current non-patriarchies will die off too and the people of the future think our era was nothing but patriarchy because that's all that survives. Every generation thinks they're more "progressive" than the previous ones because they're only comparing themselves to the cultures that survived. Repeat endlessly.

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Just stay with your own kind, and things will be great. Remove niggers from white society. No niggers to consider, no racism,. If you are an antiracist, then remove the niggers and the problem of racism will be solved.

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Besides feminism, look at blaming the idea of democracy itself. Ever notice that there are no "limited suffrage" democracies in existence? All democracies value a welfare queen's vote as much as a special ops commando's vote. There's no reward for merit except in (((media))) which is best adapted to brainwashing the underclass to vote correctly. Productive and enlightened work is deprecated and the women love celebrities more than real heroes.

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Guess whose traditionally put themselves in charge through the laws in those countries ?

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Give this man a cigar !

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