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There is more genetic difference between humans and niggers than there is between dogs, coyotes and wolves, which 'scientists' tell us are three different species.

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Is that true? You're telling me a black lab and a wolf are more similar genetically than whites/blacks?

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There are many ways to measure genetic distance.

A good visual representation can be achieved using Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

PCA of various hominid populations [1]: Graph

PCA of dogs vs wolves [2]: Graph

Note the percentages. That's the percentage of variance. Effectively the scale / distance of that component along that axis.

[1]: ScienceDirect | PubMed

[2]: PubMed (article) | PubMed (supplement)

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Correct. Look up Jared Taylor and FST numbers for more information.

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but see.. it's a pulitzer winner, so that should be totally legit

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Judging by the pictures they've got:

The ridiculous portrayal of whites and blacks living together in harmony instead of like South Africa right now.

They've got "color o' dey skin" after that.

They've got white dismissal. When white people complain about what is being done to them, it's not legitimate and should be brushed off and laughed at.

They've got niggers are the real Americans.

Finally, they've got niggers are smart, wonderful and ed-jew-cated.

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Don't forget that the only picture focused on a white individual had a confederate flag behind her

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wtf is scientific racism? lol, yet another way science is RAYYSIS!!!

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Scientific racism is when a scientist states a fact that goes against the cul marxist dogma. They attack him harder than anything, will blacklist him from the profession, block him out of universities for research, financially ruin him, and attack his character. If the average leftist knew how much politics were involved with those "sciences" theyd never trust half the studies that come out from areas like anthropology, psychology, and sociology. The last two even more so when you factor in that like 90% of their studies cannot be reproduced. It's basically whatever bias the researcher has they design an experiment specifically to get the results they want in order to come to a conclusion that can then be used to publish news articles with headlines that push the agenda. Like there was a "study" that said overweight people are healthier than underweight people... They included people with diseases and cancer patients in the underweight category.

The absolute best example of this is James Watson. He was one of the two men that discovered DNA. A pioneer in the field.

He simply stated the FACT that evolution applies to human. Groups of humans separated for thousands of years living in different environments will develop different strengths and weakness relative to one another and have different physical and cognitive traits. This is a FACT. It is observed in any population of animals separated for a long enough period of time. Denying this is denying evolution. Accepting this though means accepting that the races aren't equally good at everything. Watson was branded a racist. He was blacklisted. His character was dragged through the dirt. He was financially ruined and forced to sell his nobel prize to survive (a russian billionaire bought it then gave it right back to him). Then they started spreading the rumor that all the real work of Watson & Crick was done by their female jewish lab assistant and she was just washed out of history because she was a woman and they were sexist and took credit for all her hard work.

The same people who will laugh at certain fundamentalist Christian sects for denying evolution will get sooo butthurt if you start talking about evolution applying to human groups. Then theyll attack you with the same fervor of any religious fundamentalist, because to them this shit fills the role religion usually would for everyone else.

Go and try to become a darwinian anthropologist and see how fast you have your career ruined. It's anthropology running from the basis that evolution applies to humans and those rules apply to human groups.

(((Franz Boas))) is the one who made studying darwinian anthropology into a thought crime. He and (((his students))) published a bunch of biased, later refuted, highly misleading studies to show that those savage tribes in africa and south America are not barbaric and western civilization is completely equal to those mud hut civilizations. His theory that all civilizations are equal was an anti-theory because it only served to try and break apart other theories using extremely biased methodology. His students became a majority in the American anthropology association and started blacklisting darwinian anthropologists preventing them from doing their research. Not for any actual scientific reason but because they considered it racist.

They worship "science" but watch how fast they turn when you conduct research into areas that disprove their dogma.

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Yup, you better listen to only globalist school scientists or millenial scientists with degrees from those globalists schools. If you listen to any other 'science' 'math' 'news' 'history' they are most likely racists or at the very least anti-semitic

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National Jewographic

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Thank you for the source.

(((Susan Goldberg)))

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Thanks Jews !!!

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That song sounds familiar

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Scanning that image, I'm filled with gratitude that I am able to see through it. Years and years ago I couldn't see this stuff for what it was, and was very confused and impotent as a result.

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