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Read The Turner Diaries. William Pierce predicted everything we are talking about today to the tee. It's incredible.

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Can't wait for the Nukes. Read Hunter while you're at it.

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What is Hunter?

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I'm currently in the process of listening to his entire American Dissident Voices broadcasts. They are fucking excellent and I'm about a third of the way through. I can't wait to see what Dr. Pierce has to say about the 9/11 terror attacks

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ADV is what redpilled me 20 yrs ago. Even though they are old it will teach you everything you need to know. You can apply his insights to current events. He could practically see the future. Its crazy to think the book is a couple decades older than that.

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Where can you find the entire collection of this ADV?

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Do you have a source for ADV archives? I've been looking all over and can't find any podcast/streams.

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Read the camp of saints and realise the author used the unrealistic massive boat invasion because he didn't want to write it as it would really happen aka what is actually happening right now! He is quoted as saying this.. not the best writer but he literaly predicted what is happening right now.

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It's on ma list.

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Thanks for the recommendation, will have to read it now

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those cops should be executed

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The entire police force.

They're the Stanford Experiment in real time.

If and when they start bombing the police officers themselves it will be a good day.

Britain, Germany, France and Sweden should all be under travel advisories.

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They are already throwing grenades into police stations in Sweden. It's only a matter of time in the UK

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A case for Direct Action. Are you going to ask the cops to execute the cops?

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She's no stranger to fucking niggers.

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Thank you. Here come the downvoats buddy. Prepare!

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Man, what is with the downvoats? Downvoating will never un-tarnish her, morons.

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Oh snap here come the downvoats

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I forgot Lauren identified as a man...

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I was confused until I remembered that gender thing she did on her Canadian ID

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sorry, i should have linked that article

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I know she identifies as a man, but I think the title would have been far more searing and helpful without the joke tucked in.

What would we do if Lauren was raped because of this? What are we going to do when Trump leaves office, re-exposing the Presidency to adherents of the white replacement agenda? Am I losing my mind? White people are blindfolded and tied for execution...

I have to put this website away for few days.

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tucked in


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I had to think on this for a few seconds.\

Me: "tucked in...kek" I don't get....OHKay then.

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I see a lot of deathly serious things unraveling in the world using this monitor. It's an oracle.

What's your monitor telling you, Mister hours-old? All is well on the home front?

Is it all just totally 'chill', @gassupbikes?

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She likely had the look of “if you fuck with me you die” on her face

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She is, what most around here refer to as, a "coal burner".

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This can’t be stated enough

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If you're planning a trip to the UK or any European country that supports this kind of shit, just don't go. Vote with your tourism dollars and go somewhere else. That will hurt them.

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I know I wouldn't want to spend my vacation time in an islamic shithole.

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The monarchy and parliament are traitors to Britain. And this means war with America. Britain taking her own people and Americans as political prisoners in 2018.

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Canadians? What is Lauren's nationality?

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Yeah she's a leaf

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Yeah, Lauren's a Cuckadian, but that Pettibone girl and her boyfriend are Americans and they were detained for what, 4 days? Almost identical circumstances to Lauren's arrest and detainment.

Sounds like the pair of Americans got put through the wringer worse than the Canadian; probably because UK authorities know the brainwashing of Canadians is mostly complete, but Americans are a bit harder to control because of fierce individualism.

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Have you ever met any British people? They LIKE it. They love niggers and they love being PC martyrs. Political correctness is their religion. Whiteness = original sin. The UK is a fundamentalist religious state.

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No i never met any British people.

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Lauren loves niggers too, so they should have been fine with her/him.

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