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After seeing so many postings about how horrible women are and how they don't deserve anything but a boot to the face, I appreciate your sentiment, so thank you. I did make a white baby already, so my job is done :)

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No it isn't. Make more.

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Replacement rate is not enough.

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You made me laugh. I had a hysterectomy 22 years ago and even if I hadn't I'm well past the cutoff. I can still make a sammich though!

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you need to make 3,

2 to replace you and your husband,

an extra because the other races want to out breed and kill us

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Ditto. Gets a bit tiring hearing Voaters shit on women all day.

I also appreciate this post.

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Here there are disenfranchised angry men and husbands in waiting. That's pretty generally true.

It's like what I tell tall girls: ignore what the manlets say, they'll never make you happy. Listen for the man that appreciate your beauty and make you feel like a half of a whole. All the hate in the world will never love you.

Thank you for being a part of what inspires me, the women of voat. 💛 You matter.

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I think that's more of a result of many not having anywhere else to vent about the shit that goes on without getting dog-piled, most of us do love women or at least some of them. When you don't have anywhere else to freely say it things can get overrepresented a bit, to say the least

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I hope that's true, but I have met lots of men in real life who really do feel that women are nothing but a sperm depository. Us wymins who have decided to hang around obviously have managed to grow a thick skin. The ability to vent is one of the best things about VOAT.

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Should've shouted out all the awesome women in /v/traditionalwives and especially /u/empress for being the ones we really should be celebrating as men

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Ty <3

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/u/empress your board has given my life new meaning. You're a hero of mine. Thank you.

I have a few hundred in monero, PM me if you'll have it.

Edit: pls have it and tell me your hubby bought you flowers, my heart would flip.

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Have faith. There are red pilled, conservative women here who are trying to bring up the next generation to see through the lies.

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Which is why I will be homeschooling.

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Thank you for being on voat, women like you are the reason for my new search for a wife. You make a difference.

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My 15 female cousin got redpilled by Alex Jones memes and having a conservative Bible expert father. So there definitely are redpilled conservative women

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I sometimes get pissed at some of the anti-women posts, but honestly I can't blame you. There are days when I hate my own sex with a blazing passion.

Just remember not all women are selfish, purple haired, self-pitying, man hating whale beasts. Really, we're not, although it may seem like it some days. I'll support white men to my dying breath.

Remember also that when it comes to hating women, no man can even come close to the hatred and enmity women display towards other women, especially if you're a woman who dares to stray off the SJW footpath.

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Hear, hear. Hell hath no spite like a woman for women "out of line."

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Brother, just remember there are men that deserve your love and respect. Current and future husbands of these women that are their other halves. You, if you choose.

PM me if you want to talk.

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Yeah, we get knitting and cookies too. It's nice.

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Now go make some white babies.

And sandwiches. Thanks.

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If you women are so equil, you don't need a special day, get back to work.

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I did! I mean my husbands white but our first child has a peanut butter color. So a white white baby was a shocker! I didn't know I could make a white man.I feel horrible about what he might have to deal with later in lifeso I just hope everything goes back to normal in the next few years. Because I can't wait when he is older and he can just win any argument by saying "white is right" I think it's hilarious and yes I am slightly upset hispanics dont have a similar saying.

Oh but wait , real quick question I've been wondering when I read some comments here on voat about how white people will rise again and all of that... how does it work with mixed families...? or is it a secret ....or do I not really want to know the answer ...? Also before the whole "your husband is a race traitor comments ,none of the white women were doing anything worth doing. They were wannabe trailor trash chicks with 2 or 3 kids ,having sex with everything and anything, don't know how to keep a house or cook so there wasn't really anyone else around that was useful to him.

On the subject of this stupid womens day crap today ugh I was irritated all day This rag of a paper had me fuming all day with the bullshit inside of it. All positions go to women here , you hardly see a man working in any office anywhere and the level of incompetence all over the island is absurd. They can't do shit right , I have stooorieees girl... and this paper was full of women aren't payed or treated equal crap. The only time I can get nice straightforward answers and things done efficiently are when I deal with a man, and finding those in the positions I need them in is a rarity.

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You do your best and offer no apologies. ❤️

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