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Protein poisoning (also referred to colloquially as rabbit starvation, mal de caribou, or fat starvation) is a rare form of acute malnutrition thought to be caused by a complete absence of fat in the diet.

Protein poisoning was first noted as a consequence of eating rabbit meat exclusively, hence the term, "rabbit starvation". Rabbit meat is very lean; commercial rabbit meat has 50–100 g dissectable fat per 2 kg (live weight). Based on a carcass yield of 60%, rabbit meat is around 8.3% fat while beef and pork are 32% fat and lamb 28%.

The Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson wrote as follows:

The groups that depend on the blubber animals are the most fortunate in the hunting way of life, for they never suffer from fat-hunger. This trouble is worst, so far as North America is concerned, among those forest Indians who depend at times on rabbits, the leanest animal in the North, and who develop the extreme fat-hunger known as rabbit-starvation. Rabbit eaters, if they have no fat from another source—beaver, moose, fish—will develop diarrhea in about a week, with headache, lassitude and vague discomfort. If there are enough rabbits, the people eat till their stomachs are distended; but no matter how much they eat they feel unsatisfied. Some think a man will die sooner if he eats continually of fat-free meat than if he eats nothing, but this is a belief on which sufficient evidence for a decision has not been gathered in the North. Deaths from rabbit-starvation, or from the eating of other skinny meat, are rare; for everyone understands the principle, and any possible preventive steps are naturally taken.

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What the fuck does that have to do with anything? No one is going to eat rabbit for the next 180 days.

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Depends on how happy Easter was...

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Holy shit! This explains the push for people to go fat free and especially eating lean cuts of meat over the far more delicious fatty ones. Without the feeling of fullness people will constantly over eat and that means someone's getting paid while the rest of us get fat, sick and never achieve a feeling of satisfaction from food.

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I've been eating shit like 3 pork chops for breakfast. Can confirm the lack of real 'hunger' but holy FUCK does my body crave carbs. It wants to keel over and start drooling and crying once I start working..

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actually pretty close to the truth.

Low fat = high carb = lots of sugar.

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I breed meat rabbits and eat them regularly. Anyone who bothers with this is retarded. If you only eat rabbit you dont have a balanced diet. How well do you think youll go eating just lettuce?

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That's what killed the dude written about in Into The Wild supposedly, but obviously he didn't have too many options

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I thought he ate something that poisoned him?

For some reason I distinctly renew him laying down from a stomach ache and dieing in an abandoned bus near his camp?

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In July, he tried to leave, only to find the route blocked by a snow-melt swollen river.

and it was down hill from there. and he knew it.

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I actually have a pet lionhead rabbit. He’s potty trained (litter box) and has only eaten one cord since I got him almost five years ago.
Love the little guy.
I’d never eat him, of course, that would be like someone eating their dog, he’s my pet, my lil’ buddy, BUT, I have had rabbit before, and it was okay, not really the greatest.
Lamb is fuckin’ awesome, then venison, then beef/chicken.
Wanna try something AMAZING, fix yourself up some lamb and rice stuffed grape leaves.
link to a site with the recipe
Those were some of the best things I’ve ever had.

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Is your pet rabbit that great?

Just genuinely curious. I don’t get why people have rabbits as pets. They just sit in a cage and occasionally accidentally scratch you when you open their cage.

I knew one family that had a daughter that enjoyed their pet rabbit. He just runs around the house and pisses on things; but at least he’s not a lawn ornament (/laundry room companion during the winter).

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My rabbit is like a cat with a little bit of dog mixed in. He has a cage that he sleeps in in the corner of my room, but for the most part he’s free to roam wherever. Like a dog he chases and plays with a ball, gets up on your lap to sit, and tries to dig holes (only in his cage thankfully).
Like a cat he can get annoyed by too much attention, sometimes tries to get into places he shouldn’t, and can annoy the hell out of you when you’re trying to sleep; I’ve woken up a few times to him trying to get below my head or pillow or what-have-you. They’re prey animals so he still has that instinct of, time to sleep = time to hide, but he usually just goes into his cage.
I don’t have any other animals, but a friend I knew back in Highschool had a rabbit, cat, and dog, and the rabbit would run and play with them like he was one of them.
They can be pretty loving, too. George, my rabbit, will nuzzle up under your arm and lick your hand till you move - he’ll cozy up next to your feet while your on the computer - and like I said, he’ll hop up on the couch and sit on your lap, which sometimes he feels like he needs to be on your shoulder, which is funny till he digs those sharp-ass nails into your neck while trying to clamber up you.
He’s only peed outside of his cage once since I’ve owned him, but rabbit piss is some of the most noxious, horrible smelling stuff on the planet, no exaggeration.
When it comes down to it, as I’m sure this block of text is getting pretty fricken long;
Rabbits CAN be great pets/companions if you give them a lot of human interaction when they’re young. I got George when he four months old (I think) and he lived with his siblings in a house that took good care of them, so he already had a good start in the way of human interaction when I got him.
Also, they can be a little above-average in the way of maintenance. Their nails grow pretty fast and they’re sharp AF, so you’ll have to cut them. Their fur grows crazy fast too, doubly so for George, because he’s a lionhead, which grow a large mane, so you have to groom them fairly often too, if you don’t want your house to turn into a a giant hairball.
The funny thing is trying to tell people about him, when you think of a rabbit being a pet you probably think of it as a kid’s pet hamster or something, they never really get that he’s basically a small dog/cat that does backflips and shit (it’s called a binky, seriously, look it up, rabbits get acrobatic when they’re happy) and he genuinely likes most people. Also there’s the fact that I’m a dude complete with big beard and all, so it throws people off, but he’s cool and I’m glad I got him; I like him as much as the dog I had.

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I'll take them. I have some videos in /v/homesteading about rabbits.

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Ive heard that breeding meat rabbits gives the highest yield in a meat to feed cost ratio of any typical livestock.

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They also require close to zero maintenence. Unlike goats you can also put them in runners that put them off the ground a bit so they eat the vegitation at a certain height which allows it to grow back. You have to rotate goats over a lot more land waiting for things to grow back.

But goats give you milk and can eat just about any plant.

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Im about to slaughter some 3kg (6.6lbs) rabbits. I expect about 1.5-1.9kg of carcass.

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You also get cheap fertilizer. Rabbit poops are great.

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I wouldn’t recommend a rabbit stew if you have one of those plump, tender little guys, instead cover it with some bacon strips (for fat and flavor) and roast it in the oven. A nice mustard sauce on the side for dipping is good as rabbit can be a little bland. Bon appetit!

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This reminds me of some story about a “pet pig” some animal rescue was adopting out, and the guy who adopted it ended up eating it. The PETA folks lost their minds.

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PITA - people eating tasty animals

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Even better: cut up the meat, add a little flour and seasoning and pan fry. Mmmmmm.....

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