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seriously, this is how wars start. the next 10 years is going to be interesting.

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....this paki has fucked so many goats, he is becoming one.

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Swedes go to war? LOL good one niggerfaggot. They will get raped by Arab dick and their country will become a melting pot.

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HAHAHAHA I just laughed at all those idiots who think that redpilling lefties is enough.

Nah man, only violent revolution and far right authoritarian regimes can fix the mess we are in.

Democracy has failed.

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I think this is what the Jews want.. an all out race war to cover the 19 trillion debt they have in america.. the ponzi scheme will collapse unless they get a massive war, most likely started with a nuke on a major us city blamed on mudslimes.

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Democracy didn’t fail - the votership was changed from landowning white males to dead people, women, and foreigners seeking gibs.

Remove kebab and democracy still works.

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lefties will literally wait thinking there utopia is coming as they get lined up against a wall and executed.

i genuinely believe most of them have some type of personality/emotional disorder. they get tunnel vision on specific ideas that are not founded in fact and instead on outpoor of emotional splurge carries a inaccurate assessmet/rememdy simultaneosly falsely satisfying what normal people choose to insert facts/evidence. thats why they are LITERALLY off on every issue. at best they see things at a the surface level without the capacity of evaluating causation/trajectory. and not a coincidence they will NEVER debate or engage in a battle of whits. they are also masters at going from 100% un-fuckable to how the fuck did you unlock another level of

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A guy called Schreiber is calling for a violent revolution, colour me suprised.

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Getting eager for the next crusade over here....

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v/Crusades needed now more than ever.

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Nah, mods were clear that there was to be no talk of future Crusades, only the past ones.

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Nah, Swedes deserve it. They have brought everything on themselves. Let that worthless, spineless nation die off, then glass the lands infested by coloreds, and retake the land. Purge the scum off white lineage.

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She's probably just jealous. If we melted down artifacts from her native culture, we'd just be melting down stuff Europeans and Arabs sold to Africans in exchange for slaves.

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You can't melt mud

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You would get bricks, and niggers couldn't figure that out. Though it's more sintering than full on melting.

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There literally aren't any. Thousands of years in Africa and the only thing there older than a couple hundred years old is from white people.

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Don't forget Great Zimbabwe!

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You could melt down the sum total of African technological advancements over the past thousand years, and still not have enough for a shitty set of 20'' rims to outfit a 1987 Buick Regal.

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This ugly sheboon also argued that returning ISIS fighters need to be rehabilitated and not punished.

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they need the fucking firing squad...

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she want that Alpha "freedom fighter" dick. that's what all this shit boils down too. the natives are soft, the "refugees" are war hardened as fuck. horny women in power.

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The Minister for Culture (formally cabinet minister and head of the Ministry for Culture) is a member and minister of the Swedish Government and appointed by the Prime Minister.

The current Prime Minister of Sweden is Stefan Löfven

Löfven was born 21 July 1957 in Aspudden district, Stockholm. He was placed in an orphanage 10 months after his birth. Löfven was later looked after by a foster family from Sunnersta, Sollefteå.

But i'm not finding anything that indicates he was Jewish.

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Really all you need is a photo and knowledge for almost all cases.

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I know nothing about the reputability of this site and have not yet read the article, but it appears to be the source.

My bad, it's just a YouTube video which appears to have been shoahed.


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Thank you

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Even before you Google it What do you think the odds are that this is true?

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I refuse to use Google, and very low.

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Wow. DAESH much? Fucking cunt.

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Well, we could always melt down and recycle some african artifacts in retribution... Oh, wait, that assumes they actually developed metalworking.

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Well, you still can melt down and recycle some africans.

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They have artifacts?

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I'm not Swedish, but anyone destroying history pisses me off. It is a crime against humanity. How can we know who we are, where we come from, and where we are going if we don't know our history? If we tolerate the actions of ignorant fucks like her will all be living under stick roofs again with none of the knowledge of civilization our ancestors spent millennia learning.

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Completely out of control.

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