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Nye sucks the juice from barrock's used tampons.

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Bill Nye is a quack, Dolph Lundgren isn't.


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I was just about to come on here and ask, "Is that REALLY true about Dolph?"

Well played, OP!

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I got nailed (rightfully) by @Rotteuxx for not fact-checking an image that I linked to earlier today, won't make that mistake again.

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He also bangs the groids

While in Sydney, he became a bodyguard for Jamaican singer Grace Jones and began a relationship with her.

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Well, he's still Swedish after all.

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It looks like everything he touches turns to gold.

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Dr. Brian May, guitarist for the band Queen, is also well above Bill "sex junk" Nye in terms of qualification as a scientist. Dr. May holds a PhD in Astrophysics after a 30+ year break in his education. He resumed his doctoral thesis work in 2006 after a long hiatus that began in 1974 when the band was his major focus. His thesis was accepted in 2007 and he graduated from Imperial College in 2008 with his doctorate in astrophysics. He also holds the title of CBE, Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, and is of course one of the most influential music artists of the modern era. Bill is a complete moron in comparison to Brian and he needs to STFU.

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I idolized Bill Nye as a kid. It's really disappointing to see what he's become. There was even an image floating around that contrasted early him with current him that just shows how hard he's sold out. Don't have it though, but I figure some of you know what I'm talking about.

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You had shitty male role models if you idolized bill nye as a kid, you fag

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Maybe. But he got me interested in science early on, and that shaped a lot of my childhood.

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Bill Nye may be an idiot, but this is not necessarily a good argument. Pierre de Fermat, one of the best mathematicians ever, wasn't qualified as a mathematician. Some books even describe him as an "amateur mathematician." Would you say an affirmative action negro that scraped by and barely managed to get a degree in mathematics from University of Phoenix with a GPA of 2.0 is more qualified than Fermat?

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Dolph lundgren is das ubermensch

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John Urschel is also more qualified to be a scientist. And he played in the Nigger Felon League.

Baltimore Ravens Offensive Lineman John Urschel Publishes

(that paper was published while he was still playing)

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Holy crap, unicorns DO exist!

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He actually is working on a PhD at MIT right now I think. The dude basically ran one contract, made his retirement fund and went back to what he really wanted to do. Can't fault him given he has above average athletic talent that made him a couple mil in a few years.

To top it off he is brown. And no criminal record after a few years in the NFL? Yeah, a fucking unicorn.

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i had to check the truth of this and it checks out.

dolph lundgren is a badass. has a black belt, those degrees, had intruders that broke into his house leave cuz they saw whos house it was. hes a badass.

bill is a big pussy.

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