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While they list a bunch of sources, I'd love to see the actual sources. I know some of these are true, but fallenfathers.blogspot.com doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence. Like, where did that website get it's data? I know they didn't do the survey.

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I think we just found a new shade of red. Yet feminists will no doubt keep perpetuating lies to further their agenda and keep that funding rolling in. It's amazing how such intangible, economically infeasible programs researching complete and utter bullshit continue to receive so much funding

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This. Like pushing women into sciences programs - most women clearly wouldn't choose to go into the sciences on their own, and those who enter in through government bankrolled programs will just end up leaving for liberal arts.

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Yes, we are different. It's time we realize this and return our society to a time where we were able to live in harmony, instead of constant competition.

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Excellent post.

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I don;t get the second graph. Is that by total number, or a percentage based on the number of households with one of the other as separate bases?

For example, if there are 99,000 fatherless households, and 1000 motherless, and this is based on just straight up quantity, than fathers need to NEVER have custody, because it should be 99 to 1, but it's not.

This is one reason I hate statistics - unless you know the context or the methodology, it's all just bullshit.

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Why is there even a woman's day? Is it supposed to empower them, by insinuating that every day is man's day?

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I'd be more interested to see this with nonwhites taken out.

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Be a man and deal with it.