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Having female guards in a male prison is just asking for trouble.


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Agreed, but there are male guards in female prisons. Seems like it's asking for trouble, but I'm sure it happens.

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Any female prison guards should only be employed in female prisons. There probably won't be enough of them for 100% female guards, but to put female prison guards in male prisons and the reverse is just insanity.

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I'm sure it does, but you hardly if ever hear about a guy helping a female escape. If we looked there's going to be one or two cases like this one in the last year at least.

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Female guards in male penitentiaries are EXTREMELY COMMON. And even worse, stories about them fucking jailbirds, getting pregnant by them, smuggling contraband, and giving warnings to their thug boyfriends when random searches are taking place.

A story like this pops up about twice a month in the USA. It's often dumpy sheboons or low class white women who do this. But I don't think women can be trusted to act professionally in a prison environment, or any environment where strict discipline is a must. Their biological urge to jump the dick of the worst possible scum they can find is just too powerful. If this wasn't true, we wouldn't have stories like this cropping up all the time, and serial killers wouldn't have groupies.

Wow, women are really fucked up. I guess I kind of understand where MGTOW guys are coming from... can't do it though.

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MGTOW is the same line of thought as feminism and female guards. We have female guards because the men in our society are pussies and cucks, incels and MGTOW.

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When I was a juvenile I had a female guard that would watch me pee. I still cannot pee if someone else is in the room to this day.

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And yet you never hear anyone crack a joke about a woman thinking with her vagina.

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It has already happened in the USA that some femal prison guard just offered their ass behind the prison cell's bars in order to be breed by violent and criminals...Wtf.

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It's happened in the USA dozens and dozens of times. Female guards fall in love with cop killers, child molesters, rapists, heroin dealers, the absolute worst dregs of society ALL THE TIME. It's that "bad boy" urge that women just can't seem to resist a lot of the time.

There's stories of American prison guards getting pregnant, smuggling contraband, playing lookout, throwing parties, and basically executing the will of whatever jailbird who used his dick to hypnotize her (dickmatized?).

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That's because 'thinking' and 'women' are like oil and water. Sane people (read: not feminists) understand the difference.

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Women shouldn't be working.

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Who the fuck makes your sandwich?

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reposting at v/crazystupidbitches

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A complete ban is not really a good idea. There are some roles that women do fulfill very well. We need limited and practical application where it is necessary.

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secretary ?

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Stuff like that. They have shown to be able to keep up in certain support roles, but to deploy them as a front line troop is a mistake. Paperwork stuff, helping out in logistics (light duty stuff) things like that. Female guards do have a place as they can go places where men really can't (womens bathroom, etc.). You need female secret service agents for stuff like that. If they can shoot well they can help sharpshooting (in a limited role, you don't want them off base for weeks).

It's better to think of men and women as complimentary, rather than "women can't do anything." They CAN do stuff, just not what men can do.

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I have a feeling this problem is going to take care of itself.

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I live nearby and am daily at the train station. Putting the pic on my phone just in case...

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The world's first feminist government everybody.

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-Hey lets give rights to women

few moments later

Refuges welcome

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