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[–] 9-11 8 points 12 points (+20|-8) ago  (edited ago)

He single handedly betrayed hundreds (thousands?) of v/pizzagate sleuths by deleting almost all submissions and blocking the sub from v/all. Is this why kevdude manipulated Voat with his patented "but that's censorship" spam/troll from PV/SBBH/SRS to pressure Putt to directly intervene and put Crensch as mod---who has shown himself to be twice as censor happy...not to mention that BECAUSE OF HIM any real discussion has to be offsite because he and M_F stand accused of "being part of pizzagate" -

And now Crensch has gone full "Reddit Cancer Mod"

IF there is a CCP requirement here, it is TO KEEP THE SUBMISSIONS OFF OF /V/ALL FRONT PAGE YOU FUCKING RETARD. It's not in /new it's not in /all it's not on the front page of anything. It's HERE and only HERE so we don't pester the rest of Voat.

Reddit powermod talking to the userbase

Fuck your feelings. I'm right, you're not. I'm not deflecting shit - your concerns are simply irrelevant.

Reddit powermod and the guy who is "protecting" voat.

I'm going to respond to you exactly once.

YOU ARE PERSONA NON GRATA. I don't give a SHIT about you, or what you say. In fact, the more you support something, the more likely I am to think the opposite, because every time you show up you are wrong.

Reddit powermod.

I'm enjoying the salt here just fine.

Your emotion-based arguments are laughable, and have fuck-all to do with how I run this subverse.

Also, you still can't show me where I'm wrong.


[–] freshmeat 9 points 8 points (+17|-9) ago 


PG is not viewable in /v/all anymore?


[–] 9-11 6 points 5 points (+11|-6) ago 

He has Reversed his decree, m_f has been removed, but has a whos-who of redditors from SBBH as mods now including kev.


[–] heygeorge 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 


PG is not viewable in /v/all anymore?

This was (and I am not surprised) never true.

The quote @9-11 is mishandling is not from the pizzagate subverse.