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[–] freshmeat 9 points 7 points (+16|-9) ago 

Putt would be smart to get rid of you


[–] Crensch [S] 14 points -5 points (+9|-14) ago

Yes, get rid of /v/TraditionalWives, putt, because this faggot and his cohorts don't like @Empress @Le_Squish @Trigglypuff @Funkypurplekitty and @WifeWithaPurpose, and have the sock-puppet accounts to manipulate votes to prove that Voat doesn't like them, too!


[–] freshmeat 13 points 1 points (+14|-13) ago 

Ping more SBBH trolls, it helps identify who Putt needs to observe and take action against.

I don't manipulate the website or else I would be on the front page daily. I also don't pretend to be objective like you do, and you mod a few big subs. We left reddit to escape faggots like you, not let you come here and ruin our new home.

TraditionalWives unfortunately is ran by unsavory lefties who role-play as conservative by reposting content from Trad wife communities outside of Voat.

Trannies pretending to be trad wives is the antithesis of a traditional lifestyle for women.


[–] Crensch [S] 12 points -3 points (+9|-12) ago 

@RabbiMohel @AndrewBlazeIt

Look at the votes in this submission.