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I know a woman who's a single mom, dumb as a rock, shallow as a pond, but is making over a 100k for having big tits, a flat stomach, and a pretty face. Did absolutely nothing to earn her position, did not go to school or study hard or slave away at a shitty job before being promoted. Nope, she fails up. Thing is it took a man to give her all that so maybe he could get a chance to fuck her. Stop giving them power

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probably doesn't realize either that it was given to her and not earned, probably thinks the place would fall apart without her :D.

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That's why you don't give them a job unless they put our first.

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Besides stay pretty.

Maybe you don't understand this yet, and while what you and the other guys here are saying is true, women with beauty are the ones we want to maintain - hence all the free shit. The thing is, we should never have let women in to the workplace to begin with. The biggest reason those women are regularly fallen over is because pathetic cucks are all desperate to fuck that one woman, so they all remain hopeful and act as cogs turning gears.

We'd be best off, instead of sitting around and moping, turning the tide and reminding people that most women can easily be pretty and that beauty is common. Let the uglier smart women play their role. Let the dumb pretty ones play theirs as well too, though. Frankly we need this whole thing to run smoother. It's in all of our best interest. But, we can't do that if we sit around making the only qualification for us sleeping with a girl be beauty. Call me a roastie and don't listen, I don't care. But, this is important. There's a mindset being pushed by certain people, people in this place and many others, to turn the sexes against each other. Don't fall for it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't usually just come to aid for women as a whole, and even less often any woman I've never interacted with. However, the most significant thing to take away from this isn't that I'm being a dumbass and defending roasties, it's that we need to be more aware of said campaign and even go so far as to learn to recognize it so you can avoid it. This is the type of process you'll discover in a lot of dating advice circles, plenty of conservative gathering sites, pornography, gaming communities, etc.

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Ive had chats with women you would swear are full blown SJW's and they openly admit that yeah, they get serious advantages over men all the fucking time.

they wont be happy - ever. Same goes with the diversity group. the minute whites are gone they will simply attack the next in line, whoever that is that isnt jewish.

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yea... cause this world is full of desperate ignoring hypocrite why not emo socialistards... the problem here is that some women who deserves some of those shits are being dmged by the cheap eye-candy whores or other creatures alike.

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No, only once a month is womans day. HOHOHO HAHAHA HEEHEEHEE....

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The only words a woman should be taught is "would you like one sammich or two".

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everyday should be euroday, "We built sheit and stel fancie kangs"

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You bring up some great points but don't sound too bitter, faggot.

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gtfo roastie

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Grow a sack. Scared my opinions a little different?