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Wait, do women have a whole month too now?

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Technically we have a month/day. Our month is November, or as some people like to play with the wording, Movember. International Men's day is the 19th of November! We have our time, we just need to play it more, arrange to do more things! (We're usually busy trying to keep the world rotating though)

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You know what happens on international men’s day though?

It’s international women’s day pt.2. White knights and faggots shout from rooftops about how great women are and how we wouldn’t be here without them. Never mind the fact that nobody would be here without the other because biology.

Not to mention arranging anything wouldn’t work because forced inclusion would make it pointless.

Similar to men’s only clubs being outlawed/forced coed while women can have all the female only spaces they want.

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Earth doesn't rotate...

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We give special days to special people. That's why they invented the Special Olympics, Affirmative Action, and BlackLivesMatter--all government mandated measures designed to make retarded handicapped mentally challenged special people feel important.

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the pattern is that the losers need to get their trophies too. there is nothing that celebrates less shitty minorities, people without mental disorders, etc. unless that group takes the reigns in making it happen (st patrick's day, for example).

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Yeah, but we made sure Black History Month was the shortest month.

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should have taken a 30 day month and given them 20 days.

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Seems a bit much. 18/30 days seems more fitting.