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This is just projection of false confidence.

Women almost never ask a man out on a date. Years ago this girl who was obsessed with me didn't even ask me out, she waited for me to do it. Then, when we broke up once and she was all super comfortable (like the women in this picture are now with their rights), she eeeever so confidently asked me out.

Women do things like this then expect everyone else to back date it according to the optimal time in the narrative. In this case, they wish to invoke social justice to have everyone believe that presently women have zero rights (as if we're back to post-WW2 when all this really took off) and they NOW are taking a stand. You know, for the first time. Which makes it a "TRUE" display of "the power of women" (or whatever they think will shock you).

This thinking is called neurotic thinking. I liken their thought process to this out of control garden hose https://hooktube.com/watch?v=oC95aobnpkI

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Out of control garden hose?


Out of control garden hoes

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Sometimes you have to throw the little fish back

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happy women's day

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That seems kind of needlessly insulting to hoses!

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We shouldn't insult hose on women's day.

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While they have all those chicks in one spot, maybe someone could show them a video on how to park a car.

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they are either too ignorant to know they have these rights or too lazy to exercise these rights.

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