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Start with carburettor motorcycles. They're pretty simple to figure out, don't take up that much room and are easier to play with. The only essential electrics are the ignition and maybe the fuel pump. Something like a CT110 is perfect to start with.

A basic toolkit like this should be enough to get you started, and you can invest in more and better tools as you need them.

Go through the workshop manual, do maintenance stuff, ride it, take it apart, put it back together etc. It's basically a big lego puzzle: lots of fun.

From there, expand to old (simple) cars, and eventually modern ones.

Really though, as long as your car doesn't have anything that will allow for wireless connection, it shouldn't really be "hackable" while being driven. Replace the ECU with an aftermarket one, separate all the infotainment from what's really needed for the car to run and you shouldn't have a problem.

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Do you know of any other similar bikes, this has me intrigued but the ct110 doesn’t seem to be have been popular in England.

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Any old moped will be fine. As will any cheap motorcycle for the 80s.

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If you want more of a motorcycle and less of a scooter, look for any 1970's japanese enduro. I don't know what you call them across the pond, but I'm talking about street legal dirt bikes. 125cc, 185cc, 250cc. They're cheap and more capable than a scooter. I had an orange Suzuki TS185 growing up, and I wish I still had it.