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People concerned about the real risks associated with driving. Just because they're currently terrible and everyone can image how terrible they will be, doesn't guarantee that they'll actually be terrible indefinitely. Driving often feels less dangerous than it actually is, whereas something like a common house spider, to many folks, feels more dangerous than it actually is. Once self driving cars substantially lower the risks of driving, some people will choose that safety. Eventually expect driving manually to be completely outlawed, albeit perhaps not in our lifetime.


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This always the case with new technologies. When the escalator was introduced, people were so afraid of these fast-moving death machines and all the accidents they could cause that they had employees with stiff drinks and smelling salts standing at the end to help those who got overexcited.

People were also afraid that early trains with their break-neck speed of 30mph were unsafe for human use that the mere velocity would kill people through the mere shock.


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I imagine that insurance companies will force people to switch via high premiums. If the risk of insuring a human driver is much, much higher than the risk of insuring a driverless vehicle, then we will see insurance rates skyrocket for people who want to drive their own car. It will be portrayed as a major inconvenience and public health concern before it gets outright outlawed. Kind of like we're seeing with smoking.