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Invest in antique cars, the rich love them and there will be exceptions for older cars. Nothing modern. I recommend a Willy’s Jeep or an older Chevy 4x4. That’s if you can afford to fuel them then


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I'll take one of these -

I've driven one and it was quite fun, especially on the trails that tanks and LAR had worn down around Las Flores on Camp Pendleton. Perfect for mud puddles, cleaning it sucked...


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And then the insurance companies will make mandatory auto insurance for "unsafe" non self-driving cars so prohibitively expensive no one but the very wealthy will be able to afford them. Really, cars from 1975 and earlier (before they started getting computer chips) are the way to go...Until the Powers That Be make them all but illegal. :-(


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A car without airbags and no crumple zones? No thanks. I will stick with my Lexus LS cars and BMW 7s as daily drivers. Toyota 4X4 truck and Lexus LX 4X4 SUV for the wife in the winter. All at least ten years old and fully depreciated at purchase for cash. When we rotate them out of the fleet we usually get as much or sometimes more than what we paid. American cars are limited to track stuff like our Z06 and ACR Viper. The most fun was the Miatas but they just caused too much laughter from buddies. At least they were good training for her so she could learn stick without crashing the expensive cars into a tire wall at triple digits. We work in the heart of Big Three Michigan. Those cars are put together by the drunkest, highest and most incompetent blue and white collars you have ever seen. The union parking lots are littered with booze and beer containers after each lunch break. That and the hundreds of cigarette and joint butts. Animals build domestic cars and they leave work when the quota is done, so the faster they build them the sooner they get back on the roads to drink and drug some more. Rush hour is around 1-3 pm because all the job shops have completed their parts and are racing to their side pieces or the strip clubs to score more heroin, meth, coke, weed. After that it is back in their lifted and blacked out full sized trucks to their mini mansions jammed onto 1/5 acre lots.