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Imagine trying to escape a forest fire, but your self driving car slows down to 15 mph in every school zone and comes to a full stop at every red light while the fire is racing towards you.

Imagine rushing to the hospital in an emergency but then your self driving car stops for a long red light at an empty intersection.


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If we had a fully driverless system where every car knows the location of every other car, there would be no need for speed limits or stops at intersections. So in an ideal futurist scenario you could actually escape much faster.

As far as getting robbed, I imagine something a little like this:


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Imagine a fully self driving car without a steering wheel being able to account for easily imagined emergencies. Your point is valid, but I doubt the troublesome scenarios would be the ones that first come to mind. But I suppose you never know. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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They already can do this. Most modern cars have a remote connection that allows them to be controlled.


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ALL post-06 cars can be controlled and hacked.


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bing “this is Onstar, how can I be of service?”

“car won’t start, bitch”

bing “sucks to be you, faggot”


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Invest in antique cars, the rich love them and there will be exceptions for older cars. Nothing modern. I recommend a Willy’s Jeep or an older Chevy 4x4. That’s if you can afford to fuel them then


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I'll take one of these -

I've driven one and it was quite fun, especially on the trails that tanks and LAR had worn down around Las Flores on Camp Pendleton. Perfect for mud puddles, cleaning it sucked...


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And then the insurance companies will make mandatory auto insurance for "unsafe" non self-driving cars so prohibitively expensive no one but the very wealthy will be able to afford them. Really, cars from 1975 and earlier (before they started getting computer chips) are the way to go...Until the Powers That Be make them all but illegal. :-(


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They can already do that with ANY GM car because of OnStar.

One of the many things I like about my Toyota is it doesn’t have an unseverable link to a central admistrator.