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I never thought of that. This is an enormous risk!

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Niggers cannot invent new technology, but they can always find a way to ruin it for everyone else.

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That's just following the First Law Of Niggerdom: Niggers ruin everything.

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That’s a great (and succinct) way to put it!

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Why would they have to think of that one? some car company will do it as a demo of how safe the tech is except in any promotional material it will be a woman with a stroller.

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You know what’s even more of a risk? Somebody who is not you being able to determine whether or not you can drive your car at all. The government will be able to just shut them all off in case of civil unrest, etc.

Self-driving cars are quite literally a full loss of freedom of mobility.

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Imagine trying to escape a forest fire, but your self driving car slows down to 15 mph in every school zone and comes to a full stop at every red light while the fire is racing towards you.

Imagine rushing to the hospital in an emergency but then your self driving car stops for a long red light at an empty intersection.

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And they will force us there by adding more and more regulations to manual driving, like they are already doing in the trucking industry. Once autonomous driving technology gets better, we'll once again allow our government to regulate more of our freedom away.

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They already can do this. Most modern cars have a remote connection that allows them to be controlled.

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Invest in antique cars, the rich love them and there will be exceptions for older cars. Nothing modern. I recommend a Willy’s Jeep or an older Chevy 4x4. That’s if you can afford to fuel them then

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I can take it even further: Some cities are testing driverless busses. Imagine this: a Spook jumps onto a driverless bus full of people going to work. He orders everyone to give him their phones - no calls to the police. Robs them blind. Spook then tells the riders that he's getting off on the next stop, nobody else moves or they die... bus then lets the jigaboo off at the next stop and closes the doors, keeping the victims hostage until the next bus stop - the nigger walks away every time.

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that shit happens to regular busses in places like Mexico all the time

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What about that situation could not be done on a regular bus? If a driver can call the cops, so could AI.

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The black man is your superior. He has earned the right to take his money back from you who stole it from him and his ancestors.

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Don't worry, we'll have AR-15's and that fact alone will keep the mobs of niggers from robbing us in the streets... oh... that's why they want to take them away from us.

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Who wants a self driving car anyways? What if two nigs walk into the street at the last second? Then your car plows you into a tree.

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wtf. That's some dumbshit design! It should prioritize the driver's life.

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It probably should. But lets look at the companies making self driving cars. Google, Uber, Audi. Do you really expect these cuck companies to value the alpha male behind the wheel over the black female trans lesbian who's crossing the street? Even if there's one person it's a crap shoot.

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This is actually a huge ethical problem in AI design when it comes to driverless cars. It's essentially the trolly problem.

Do you prioritize the life of the driver, or the life of other drivers, pedestrians, etc? If a terminally ill grandma jaywalks in front of your car at the last second is it better to run her over or run your family of 4 off the road?

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Liability basically requires otherwise. As you are accepting the liability of transport within such a conveyance, it is you who have accepted the risk. Otherwise, plowing into people means the company is liable to the general public and as such will be sued out of existence.

The only way to prevent this is to pass federal standards on AI behavior modes and models and/or limit liabilities.

I actually prefer limited liabilities but this also has the side effect of encouraging unethical behavior on the part of manufacturers such that the cost of liability simply becomes a fixed cost of the product, without any regard as to the ethical issues.

Ultimately this is an ethics issue. One which is surprisingly complex and difficult to find censuses amongst humans.

If you've not done so, I encourage you to read Asimov's Robots series. Contrary to popular myth, the books actually spend considerable time speaking about the robot laws and why even the best of laws will ultimately fail. This fact while painfully obvious seems to be completely missed by most readers. Despite these laws, there is no equivalence of human intellect; save only for one possible exception. For that exception, see the Foundation series.

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People concerned about the real risks associated with driving. Just because they're currently terrible and everyone can image how terrible they will be, doesn't guarantee that they'll actually be terrible indefinitely. Driving often feels less dangerous than it actually is, whereas something like a common house spider, to many folks, feels more dangerous than it actually is. Once self driving cars substantially lower the risks of driving, some people will choose that safety. Eventually expect driving manually to be completely outlawed, albeit perhaps not in our lifetime.

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This always the case with new technologies. When the escalator was introduced, people were so afraid of these fast-moving death machines and all the accidents they could cause that they had employees with stiff drinks and smelling salts standing at the end to help those who got overexcited.

People were also afraid that early trains with their break-neck speed of 30mph were unsafe for human use that the mere velocity would kill people through the mere shock.

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I imagine that insurance companies will force people to switch via high premiums. If the risk of insuring a human driver is much, much higher than the risk of insuring a driverless vehicle, then we will see insurance rates skyrocket for people who want to drive their own car. It will be portrayed as a major inconvenience and public health concern before it gets outright outlawed. Kind of like we're seeing with smoking.

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I will never own a self driving car. Fuck that.

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One day your only choices will be to own a self driving car, or to pay $2000 a month in insurance premiums.

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Over my dead body.

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I still love driving my manual transmission coupe. Enjoyable as hell. 300 horses at my disposal. Driving automatics feels very awkward for me.

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Not being able to downshift is a major turn off for me. I at least need paddle shifters.

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Bugfixes in version 1.1b:

  1. Pedestrians in the middle of the road are now avoided by slowing, and moving around.
    1a. Pedestrians that move to place themselves in front of the vehicle are accelerated over, and a notification is sent to the nearest morgue.
    1a1. Suggestions that a Darwin Award locator beacon be dropped on the pedestrian are under review at this time.

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The next revision could also deploy fried chicken countermeasures, to take care of the other 5 nogs waiting in the bushes to pounce.

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Built-in fried chicken launcher? That sounds like a do-no-harm approach. Can we go with Watermelons? They're nice and heavy.

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I'm not going to rob anyone but trolling self driving cars sounds like hella fun.

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Anyone who would completely give up their ability to control their vehicle should expect something of that form. Even if it's just an "I'm a moron: I bought a car I can't even control." sticker.

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extra penises for that car on snow days

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Then I'll shoot em

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Places that allow self driving cars (liberal) probably won't allow guns in cars.

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Fuck you, you're not my dad

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Not allowing guns works really well, good point

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In the future, your self-driving car will refuse to take you anywhere because of something that you posted somewhere.

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"I'm sorry, Strange, I'm afraid I can't do that."

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Same with self driving trucks. You could actually do that already with the current safety systems installed.

Ongaurd will step in and use the brakes or shut the truck down. Depending on the secerity of the alerts. I've had my trucks shut down over plastic bags or debris covering the sensor, even heavy raid or snow and ice will trigger the system.

Only difference is that a human knows the difference.

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It'll take a long while before driver-less truck become a thing. As soon as you do that, you'll have land piracy where people will force the trucks to stop or crash and then loot all the shit.

They'll be sending a security person with them first.

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Theres going to be someone in those trucks for a long time still. Between the current laws with trucks and liability people arent going away for a long time to come.

Some will be expected to take responsibility for problems with the trucks or be blamed when there's an accident or death. The general public isn't going to want to hear that a self driving truck killed a family of 5. Instead they'll want to hear that "automated truck tech failed to maintain equipment and caused the death of a family in a truck accident"

I drive a truck and have had lots of discussion about this topic.

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