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How can Trump be anti-semitic when his daughter is jewish and his son-in-law is jew and therefore his grandkids are jews and his advisors like Miller is a jew?

Not to mention that he is pro-Israeli and is a good friend of their prime minister.

Typical libtard hypocrites labeling other as anti-semites while they are the one stopping Milo and Shapiro from giving speeches because they are jewish.

Fucking globalist wankers, oops, I mean bankers!

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Dont forget the "goyim of the year" plaque in his trump tower office.


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"Goyim of the year" awarded by conservative jews.

Don't really mean shit, probably only <5% jews in America are conservatives. Even in Israel it's still like 50-50, but the academia is dominated by liberals, by far.

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(((They))) always play both fields.

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You can say the same about whites.

On one side you have those "playing" as genocide victims, on the other side you have those "playing" as the genocider.

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Le 4D chess

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Trump was also the grand marshal for the Israel day parade in NY oy to the mothafuckin vey, goy bitches

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The same reason as when David Icke talked about reptilian alien infiltration the Jews assumes he was talking about them and SHUT IT DOWN his book signings and radio appearances in Canada.

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Trump talked about globalists in the white house and the kikes just ASSUMED that he was talking about them and they say it was anti-semetic.

OY OY http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/masonry/000/621/199/4d6.png

Jewish AID article.


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They always do that

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With normals I don't say jew or government it automatically flips a switch in their head.

Nation wrecking globalist is a great term.

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There's some sort of double speak going on here. I don't believe for one minute that Trump would lay a finder on Jews even if he could get away with it

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defund israel

wtf is this cuck foreign policy

Should see the McNuke Insurer's association

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Because you've memed it before and they are aware of that?

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