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Ideology is more important than color.

Color is not race. This false equivalency is a leftist tactic to confuse the issue.

Nobody gives two shits about the melanin levels in their epidermis. It's a convenient indicator, nothing more. An albino nigger is still a nigger.

They are a different breed from us. That is the problem. We cannot and should not coexist in mixed societies. Different breeds, of any creature, give rise to different behavior patterns, view the world with different eyes, respond to the same stimuli in different ways.

As such, you cannot consider ideology separate from race. You think black leftists and white leftists see their ideology in the same light? One treats it as a way to get the gibs for themselves and their race, while the other is stroking their messiah complex. It's not even the same ideology strictly speaking. The blacks certainly don't see the whites as part of their ideological in-group. They call them "allies" for a reason.

Yes, we need to clean house and hang the leftist leaders. We also need to take out the trash they dragged in. It goes hand in hand. Neither is more important than the other. Both are a threat to our survival.

Except that Israeli nationalists aren't the one pushing for those third world immigration.

They're perfectly happy to infiltrate our governments and media to promote Israeli interests. And spread ideas like "race doesn't matter (unless you're in Israel)" and "the browning of America is just fine" on the side. Your precious Israeli nationalists can stay in Israel, and the fuck away from our governments and media. They (you?) are not our friends.