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Unfortunately our governments aren’t letting us.

So this is a crazy idea, but what if we gay married them to get them and their families to the US?

The liberals couldn’t say anything because they support that shit. Might as well take advantage of the system


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This is so fucking stupid it would actually work.


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Thats called genius

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Great idea, even better they could temporarily claim to be Muslims and/or ISIS members! Why, our govt would roll out the red carpet for them in that case.

But seriously, we always hear that farms in the Midwest have a people shortage because farmers’ kids all leave for jobs in the city. If somebody could set up some kind of underground railroad network where US farmers could make contact with skilled SA farmers/farm workers and offer them jobs...doesn’t having a job offer in the US at least enable you to come in as a legit immigrant? (don’t know anything about immigration law).


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They aren't leaving though. They won't be refugees. They are staying and fighting. Infowars had one of the activists on today and he had this to say:

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What a man.

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Agreed. Funny enough, when I was using okcupid (a dating service) and I set it to worldwide, my #1 match was a white South African girl.


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Because that would be just like adding salt to the wound "we only pretend to help our fellow whites, but in fact we only want to fuck your women"