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The only way this might turn out different is an armed rebellion at the passage of the law

This is absolutely true.

And for that to happen, or, preferably, the threat of it to prevent the government from trying, people would need to start organizing into independent militia groups right now. Not hostile or rebellious militia groups. Peaceful and calm militia groups. That feed the poor and organize charity drives for veterans in their off time. With a simple mission statement: Protect the Constitution of the United States against any and all who would infringe upon it. As the Constitution itself provides for.

Because, to fight any sort of organized threat, you must be organized yourself. Have a hierarchy and chain of command. Establish lines of communication between different groups. Train new recruits and practice group maneuvers. Et cetera. And you want to have all that ahead of time, not scramble it together in a rush when the shit has already hit the fan and is splattered all over the walls.


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Yep these groups could also help keep some of the shorter triggers from popping off before it's time.


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How do you fight massive infiltration and false-flag attacks? That's always been the problem in America whenever we stand up for our rights.


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That's a problem in any society that isn't homogeneous. And even ones that are will have the occasional traitor. Letting that stop or discourage you just plays right into your enemy's hand.

There's nothing special to do about it really. Understand that it will happen, and be vigilant about spotting it. Stop it when you can, and deal with the fallout when you can't. In the end, it comes down to who the people have more faith in. You or your enemy. Faith in government is quite low these days, so it's not a particularly high bar to beat. Also, give them a taste of their own medicine if you can. If you get tipped off that it's coming ahead of time, you can use an attempted false flag massively to your own advantage. Same with spies in your ranks that you become aware of. They now work for you, and don't even know it.