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They'll get my guns from my cold dead hands, and they'll regret trying.


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Unfortunately it won't work out that way. Follow along... First a certain percentage, and I will not fathom a guess, will turn in some, if not all their (((assault weapons))). Most of these weapons are legally registered anyway, so the feds know who has them, or at least has one. Next they will send a demanding letter with threat of arrest for those that do not turn them in. And here's where it gets devious and maniacal. They will not come to your house to attempt to arrest you and take your guns from "your cold dead hands", nope, that would be stupid and take courage, and while they have the former in abundance, the exact opposite is true of the latter. They will simply issue a warrant for your arrest. Then they will pick you up at work, or at school, or when you get pulled over for a traffic violation. They're going to catch you in public, where you can't barricade yourself. If you are a CCW holder, they will take the gun you have. Then they will put you in a jail cell, and execute a warrant on your house. Simply walk in and pick them up. If they're in a safe, they'll just have the safe drilled, or even take it. There will be no fight. For the remainder that decides they're going to bunker down, they just have to wait them out. They'll either die of old age or starvation in their hole in the ground, or they'll have to come out at some point. By then, the remaining number will be so small that they'll be insignificant. No my friend, Custer's Last Stand won't be happening in your backyard. The only way this might turn out different is an armed rebellion at the passage of the law, but I doubt there are enough true blue Americans wiling to truly lay down their lives to make this a reality.

Frankly, there is a workable solution. It's a long shot, but definitely possible.


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How do the feds know if you have one? The law is only the ffl keeps that on file by law? Also I lost all my guns in an ice fishing accident.


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Unfortunately, long before the end of that, there would be multiple bombings, on a level of Oklahoma City, against many government buildings across the nation, as well as direct assassinations on public officials who pushed the legislation.

It's surprisingly easy to assassinate people in this day and age. It just doesn't happen as often because we like to think we're more civilized than that. And we are. But they're making the situation into an uncivilized one, so that's where it'll go.


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Take a look at what happened with the Canadian firearms act and registration. You might find it instructive.


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The only way this might turn out different is an armed rebellion at the passage of the law

This is absolutely true.

And for that to happen, or, preferably, the threat of it to prevent the government from trying, people would need to start organizing into independent militia groups right now. Not hostile or rebellious militia groups. Peaceful and calm militia groups. That feed the poor and organize charity drives for veterans in their off time. With a simple mission statement: Protect the Constitution of the United States against any and all who would infringe upon it. As the Constitution itself provides for.

Because, to fight any sort of organized threat, you must be organized yourself. Have a hierarchy and chain of command. Establish lines of communication between different groups. Train new recruits and practice group maneuvers. Et cetera. And you want to have all that ahead of time, not scramble it together in a rush when the shit has already hit the fan and is splattered all over the walls.


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Lel you'll be crying like a little bitch when they laugh at you and walk away with your daisy rifle.


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Projecting much?


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EDIT - Wew 32 other people bignoting teenagers on the net will be joining you.