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What is this wantmath.pdf you keep sneeking into comments and links?


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my theory is that it is a tracking pdf with malware installed.

It often has different cover pages with most of the internal contents being the same.

I would avoid voltronsdicks like the plague, but then again... I don't go for dicks in the first place.


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Its almost as if its a real human


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It's pretty much bullshit but I read it. Was it worth the read? Yes and no, there are facts involved and they are facts that piss people off but it goes nowhere. It reads like its gonna go somewhere then it doesn't, it just pisses you off with a bunch of shit that you probably already knew anyway because you are on voat.

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Red pilling with backdoor access into peoples phones while placing rracking cookies and monitoring their cameras and audio?

That explains why you waited for this thread to fall our of popularity before replying.