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It's not 80%, nor anywhere near that, but yes, it has been shown that women are more likely to orgasm during rape than during regular sex. The reasons are unknown. Could be anything from "some deep dark part of them," to rougher sex while drier equals more sensation.

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Going back to look at my sources, it seems I was mixing pregnancy and orgasm. Here they quote that ~25% orgasm during penis-vagina intercourse. The study you linked says about 20% of the women experience sexual arousal, 4% orgasm. Those numbers seem pretty close, if pleasure and arousal lead to orgasm. Duration of intercourse seems important when it comes to rape statistics, probably.

Anyway, it was pregnancy that I was mistakenly thinking of. Cites several sources showing it may be higher, also some that say it may be lower. Meh.


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Some women are turned on by fear


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Thanks for info, can't be bothered to go hunting around for an article about how pleasurable rape is to the victim, because I'd imagine it's TYPICALLY NOT SOMETHING THEY ENJOYED.

Part of me thinks that (((someone))) could have pushed a fake article with that inflated 80% that I'm recalling out there. (((Someone))) who thrives on degeneracy and victimhood.