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She looks good to me. I'd fuck her, cum inside her, make a baby, and then leave and not be a father to it.

Wow so fat:


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Then you are definitely gay


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Eat shit, chubby chaser. Go back to Reddit if you want to white knight, faggot ass nigger kike.

Edit: I see your faggy little deleted comment there. Fucking coward.


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She's not fat, dipshit. GTFO with that incel shit.

Plenty of LEGITIMATE reason to criticize her double standards without making shit up, faggot kike.


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Just one of those fatpeoplehate faggots. This chick isn't fat at all. That sub is the worst thing about this site. And I'm not fucking fat at all


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I love how they brigade too. She's a thot, but she's a fine thot. Also I think that comment wasn't even from her and it was a parody.