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Yeah it is. Happy to and have handed out free food given to me as I'm far more likely to ditch a stack of free sandwiches in favour of a mcdonalds run after work but giving them money is a stupid idea. If you think they're all innocent and downtrodden you might just be a liberal.

I'm not sure how you figure 'Give us ya facken change cunt' is a sign of guilt or remorse...

Melbourne niggerfaggots - Bourke St between Spring and Russel st, left hand side of road when back to Parliament house. Cracktard with the dog. She's been holding the same fucking 'I'm a victim of domestic abuse' sign while spacing in and out of a crack induced haze for 5 years. Her kids, if she had them at all, would have long been removed by any good dad who hates heroin.

That fat unwashed bearded cunt that sits on Bourke and Lonsdale outside 7-11? Yeah he gets in fistfights twice a week with dealers because they won't just give it to him. And oh my God you should see the din when his dealer gets done in front of him. Fat fuck trying to take down cops for the drugs they're confiscating from someone else. When he is high his fat ass is asleep. When he is not high his fat ass is violent. Meanwhile the cops flat out fucking ignore auntie abo openly smoking ice on corner of flinders lane and Elizabeth while her nigger nephew deals the shit in view of cops. They literally shake their heads and keep walking past those two useless cunts.

They're your innocent fucking homeless.

Meanwhile just like genuine sexual assault and harassment victims... genuine good people or victims in a bad place but the ability and drive to fix their shit cant get any help because of the absolute bottom dwelling fucking scum you're getting the feels over.

I think just let a nice new batch of superheroin from north Korea should magically make it's way past customs deal with the whole fucking lot of them in one go. Only got so many ambulance and fire brigade crews on hand for ODs.